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Sign up for a NetSpend prepaid debit card and receive $20 absolutely FREE. Refer others and you both receive $20 when they sign up. EASY money!

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How Do You Earn $20 FREE Money Over and Over?

Step 1: The Invitation

Invite anyone to get a NetSpend Card. This includes friends, family, co-workers, social media friends, etc. Get the word out to everyone you know.

Step 2: Anyone Can Participate

Anyone can order a card by following the link or banner you provide. Post your link on your Facebook page. Tweet your link to your Twitter followers.

Step 3: Referral Activates Card

Step 4: Load Card with at Least $40

Step 5: You Get $20, They Get $20

Step 6: Wash, Rinse & Repeat

When your friends get their card in the mail, they will activate it online or on the phone. It should only take a few days, not weeks, for the card to arrive.

Your referral adds at least $40.00 to their NetSpend Card account. They are not losing any money because they will be able to use the money on the card right away.

You get $20.00, and they get $20.00. That's it! And they will thank you. And best of all, they can refer others and continue to earn $20 per referral themselves.

Perform the same steps over and over and watch your original $20 turn into $100, $500, $1000, etc. Who do you know that could use an extra $20 for free?

How it Worked for Me!

I was browsing on a popular affiliate marketing website where I saw a link to get $20 free and easy. Naturally I was curious so I clicked on it. I watched a 5 minute video explaining the process. I clicked on the referral link and ordered my card. I got an email the next day letting me know that my card would be shipped the next business day.

I received my card in the mail less than a week after I ordered it. I drove over to a local supermarket, loaded $40 and when the cashier gave the card back to me she told me that my card’s new balance was $60. How easy was that? I then took the card and did some grocery shopping.

There is no doubt that this offer will make anyone and everyone curious. Their first thought may be if this is some kind of scam but trust me, it works. If you don’t believe us, do a Google search for the phrase “NetSpend refer a friend program”. You will see the number of blog posts, Facebook fan pages and YouTube videos featuring this very program.

Whether you just want a quick $20 by next week or you want to earn more by referring others, this offer is a true NO-BRAINER. Get your card today!

 Refer a Friend for $20. All Rights Reserved. Refer a friend and get a $20 bonus.

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